Even though the Magpies have made a shaky start to their Premier League campaign this season, they have made massive improvements since the change of their ownership in late 2021.


They finished fourth last season in the Premier League and qualified for the Champions League after 20 long years.




Fassone believes that the owners of PSG and Manchester City went for star players and big names immediately after they acquired the respective clubs.


On the other hand, however, the 59-year-old stressed that the Magpies owners avoided making the mistakes Manchester City and PSG’s owners committed in their early days and they brought players with good future pedigree.



“Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain have shown us the parable in Europe”, Fassone was quoted as saying by Italian outlet Calciomercato.com.


“They did not win their respective league titles for a very long time and were transformed into perfect ‘football machines’ after rich Middle Eastern state properties acquired them.



“Newcastle have made a similar impact but they did it very quickly to put the team back on track.


“This is because the owners have learned from the ‘youthful mistakes’ made by PSG and Manchester City in their early days.


“Despite injecting so much cash into the club, they did not sign star players but have brought in functional players and players with potential.”


Newcastle grabbed a 0-0 draw away at AC Milan on Tuesday night and now Eddie Howe will look to build on the result after a lacklustre start to the season.