Dutch legend Wesley Sneijder has insisted that England are yet to impress him in the European Championship, but stressed that the Netherlands will need to be at their best to beat them.


England and the Netherlands are set to square off in the second semi-final of the European Championship at the Westfalenstadion at Dortmund this evening.


Spain are waiting for the winners of this game in the final of the European Championship in Berlin’s Olympic Stadium on Sunday.



Both the Netherlands and England have faced criticism this summer for some of their football despite reaching the last four of the competition.


However, Sneijder stressed that the Netherlands must not think about what happened previously and focus on the England team ahead of them.



He insisted that he has not been impressed by England but conceded that they still have the players to hurt the Dutch.


The former Dutch midfielder insisted that the Netherlands will still have to hit their top levels consistently tonight to beat England.



Sneijder told Voetbal Primeur: “One thing we shouldn’t do anymore is to look back.


“We should now look at what our opponent is now and where the opportunities lie.


“England still don’t impress, in my opinion, but they do have top players.


“The Netherlands also have to reach their level at some point.


“What they showed in fits and starts against Romania, they have to do for ninety minutes tonight.


“Only then can you beat England.”


The Netherlands did beat England 3-1 in the UEFA Nations League semi-final in the summer of 2019.