Tottenham Hotspur would be due a significant payment if Everton offered a new contract to Dele Alli this summer, according to The Athletic.


Alli is without a contract and a club at this stage of the summer but he is back at Everton’s Finch Fark training base.


He is continuing to recover from his long-term injuries at Everton despite not being contracted to the club this summer.



Alli has not been ruled out from having a role in Everton’s pre-season preparation and he is hoping to earn a new deal with the Toffees.


However, Everton would have to overcome an obstacle before they could consider offering him a contract.



Under the terms of the previous deal, Everton would owe a significant payment to Tottenham if Alli is offered a new contract.


Everton would have to resolve that situation with Tottenham before any new deal could be offered to Alli.



It remains to be seen whether a resolution is found for Alli to continue his career at Everton going forward.