Sunday, 14th October, 2012

Jose Mourinho has slammed the preference shown to Barcelona ahead of Real Madrid, explaining that there is no right way to play football.

Barcelona were beaten to the Spanish title by Mourinho’s Real Madrid last season and also came up short in the Champions League, but have continued to see their "tiki-taka" style of play praised to the heavens by some, while Real Madrid are not placed on the same pedestal.

relatedNewsStoryFor Mourinho, that is wrong, as his group’s way of playing the game is knocking over records and bringing success too.

"There is a group of philosophers who think that the way Barcelona play is the only good way of playing football", explained the Portuguese.

"But there are several ways to reach the top", he added.

"The club with the records is Real Madrid. We picked up the most points last season and scored the most goals.

"We broke the dominance of Barcelona and nobody expected that.

"But it seems our team is not entitled to a place in the history of football."

Mourinho’s men are currently at risk of their breaking of Barcelona’s stranglehold on the Spanish game being seen as a blip, due to a lacklustre start to the season.

After seven La Liga games, Real Madrid sit eight points behind Barcelona, having lost two and drawn two of their matches. Barcelona meanwhile are top, with six wins and one draw to their name.

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