Wednesday, 23rd October, 2013

FIFA have urged the German football federation (DFB) to look into the possibility of having goal-line referees at matches after the fallout from Stefan Kiessling's "ghost goal".

Kiessling's header for Bayer Leverkusen found its way into the Hoffenheim goal through a hole in the side netting. The incident was given as a goal with the referee apparently seeing nothing untoward.


Kiessling himself claimed he had not been aware of the anomaly, but the incident has brought to light the fact that Germany are yet to employ goal line technology.

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho urged the DFB to consider it, while a FIFA spokesperson was quoted by Bild as saying: "The incident is another example of how the goal-line referees may just be a big help."


Meanwhile, a DFB hearing on whether or not a replay should be arranged for the game will be held next Monday according to a statement from the federation.

Hoffenheim filed an official complaint regarding a replay, with the game ending 2-1 in favour of Leverkusen.

FIFA rules, which the spokesperson pointed to, clearly state the referee's word is final.

"The decisions of referees during [a game] are final", the rule states. "This includes determining the outcome and the decision of whether or not to grant a goal in a given game situation."

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