West Ham United played on the counter attack and beat Aston Villa 2-1 in the Premier League on Monday night, but the Villans were a constant threat throughout the game.


Agbonlahor has noticed a pattern at the way teams have been setting up against Aston Villa in recent weeks and believes they are resorting to defensive tactics as they are scared of Dean Smith’s side.



He feels Aston Villa’s 7-2 win over Liverpool has made an impression and no team are keen to give space and time to players such as Jack Grealish and Ollie Watkins anymore.


The former Villa striker stressed that Aston Villa will need to get used to it as teams are unlikely to attack them from the get-go in games going forward.



Agbonlahor said on talkSPORT: “I think teams are scared.


“If they play similar formations to what Liverpool did earlier on in the season, they would get that sort of treatment from Aston Villa.



“We have seen what Grealish can do one-on-one, Watkins when he is given space in behind, what he can do.


“And I just feel like, that teams will keep doing that to Aston Villa.


“The days of Aston Villa playing teams who are going to come at them and go straight for it are over as they are frightened of Grealish.”


With their game against Newcastle on Friday now postponed, Aston Villa are not in action until 12th December when they will travel to Wolves.