Tottenham’s reputation has continued to receive blows over the last two weeks, which started with Antonio Conte publicly calling his players selfish ahead of the international break.


The Italian was sacked on Sunday night, but this week has brought more bad news for the club with Fabio Paratici now effectively banned from carrying out his duties due to a scandal in Italy involving his former club Juventus.



Tottenham did nothing when the ban was announced in January, but once it was extended worldwide on Wednesday, Spurs were caught off guard.


Daniel Levy is receiving criticism from the supporters for his mishandling of the situation and Vega indicated that the club have become a circus on and off the pitch.



He posted an edited image of the club’s stadium on Twitter and wrote: “Is that what you want for your new season ticket renewal?


“Circus Maximus.”



Paratici has been barred from carrying out any transfer negotiations with players, clubs or agents, but Spurs are yet to remove him.