Liam Manning has been appointed as the new Bristol City manager and he has experienced a rocky start to life with the Robins.


He has managed to rescue only four points from the last four league matches and apart from their clash against Middlesbrough last month, they have scored only once in the rest of their three games.




The Robins were beaten by Norwich City 2-1 on Sunday and Honor believes that Manning’s side were almost looking to walk the ball into the net.


The former defender is of the view that Bristol City should make things simpler when they are around the opposition’s penalty box.



“There was times when we were trying to walk the ball into the net”, Honor said on BBC Radio Bristol about the Robins’ approach when they attack.


“If you pick the paper up next day, it does not tell you how you scored that goal, whether it’s a 60-yarder or a 40-yarder or a 30-yarder or a little tap-in, in the six-yard box.



“Bristol City seemed to be over-elaborating at times.


“And I just wish they had a little bit more skill, a little bit better technique around the box so they could open up a Norwich defence that seemed to be struggling.”


Manning will be looking to get his side to score more goals when they face Huddersfield Town on this Saturday.