Valery Karpin Road Proves Dead End for Spartak Moscow

Valery Karpin’s resignation as Spartak Moscow coach has sent the club back to the drawing board once again. Formerly Russia’s most dominant team, now Spartak are scrambling to get back to the top of the pile.

Russia Limbers Up for Extended 2011/12 Campaign

Zenit St. Petersburg led the way in last year’s Russian Premier League, but the new 18-month season will surely see their supremacy challenged. With big-name arrivals too, the 2011/12 campaign could be the most thrilling yet.

Top 10 Fledgling Ukrainian Talents

Ukrainian football has improved and the country is determined to perform as Euro 2012 co-host. The future beyond then looks bright too. We introduce their top 10 fledgling talents.

Second Coming of Yuri Semin Feeds Dynamo Kyiv Optimism

The return of Yuri Semin to the hot seat at Dynamo Kyiv after a spell at Lokomotiv Moscow has led to a wave of optimism sweeping through the club. But can the Russian repeat the success of his first spell?

World Derbies: Dynamo Kyiv-Shakhtar Donetsk

Dynamo Kyiv and Shakhtar Donetsk appear locked in a constant duel for supremacy. Dynamo play the role of traditional power, while Shakhtar are provincial upstarts made good.

Big Four Enjoy Mixed Time in Summer Market

Ukraine’s Premier League is expected to be dominated by Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv once again this season, with Dnipro and Metalist Kharkiv playing supporting roles.

World Cup Team Profile: Slovenia

Slovenia might be expected to just make up the numbers in Group C, but they defeated Russia to make the World Cup and should not be underestimated in South Africa.

Ukrainian Premier League: Shakhtar v Dynamo Match Preview

The title could come down to this, Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv slugging it out, with just three points between them. We preview the match Ukraine simply can’t wait for.

Work to Be Done in Ukraine’s First League

A feature of a healthy footballing setup is a strong second tier, with clubs ready to grab a chance amongst the elite. The Ukrainian First League however, has teams at hugely different levels and still has a way to go.

2010 Russian Premier League Season Preview

While other seasons prepare to end, Russia is just about to start. Can Rubin Kazan surprise the Moscow giants again and retain their title? We preview the 2010 Russian Premier League.