Pogba and Fernandes combined well when last season resumed, but the two have struggled to find their rhythm at the start of the new campaign.


Grimandi admits that signing the Portugal international was a brilliant move for Manchester United as he was the kind of player they were missing from their squad.



He also feels that Fernandes has done well to establish a relationship with the rest of the Manchester United forward line.


Grimandi told French sports daily L’Equipe: “He was a very judicious choice by Manchester United.



“He was the glue that the team lacked. He immediately got on well with the Manchester United forwards.”


However, Manchester United are struggling to get their midfield balance right and many feel a lot of it has to do with accommodating Fernandes and Pogba in the same team.



Grimandi conceded that the duo are still getting to know each other, but feels at the start of the new season he has found instances where the two are looking for each other on the pitch.


“The understanding of the duo is still being established.


“But since the start of the current season, they have been looking out for each other a bit more.”


Fernandes started in Manchester United’s 2-1 win at Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday night, while Pogba was brought on off the bench.