Gerrard, with over 700 appearances for Liverpool, rose through the ranks at Anfield and is widely regarded as one of the modern greats in the Premier League era. 


And Alexander-Arnold, a lifelong Reds fan and a Liverpool academy graduate, looked up to the former midfielder from a young age.



The 22-year-old revealed that Gerrard seemed superhuman to him while he was growing up, as he admitted that as a young player he could not fathom how a normal person was able to be that talented and special on the pitch.


Alexander-Arnold added that scenes of Gerrard proudly representing the Red shirt at Anfield sparked his own aspirations to one day follow in the 40-year-old’s footsteps and write his own story on the green grass. 



“I idolised Gerrard. He was everything to me when I was growing up”, Alexander-Arnold told Red Bull TV.


“I just wanted to be him, to live how he lived, play like how he played.



“Whenever the ball dropped, I’d be screaming ‘Gerrard!’ as I hit it.


“A lot of kids in the city would do the same thing, but for me it was an obsession.


“You know when you don’t think somebody’s human, because you’ve built them up so much you don’t even feel like they’re a real person, and you don’t think it’s possible to be that amazing, to be that special, talented?


“Aged eight, the club gave us complimentary tickets to the player’s lounge for a Champions League game.


“He walked into the room and I haven’t felt that same feeling since.


“We got a picture and he was amazing with us.”


Gerrard, who is currently leading Scottish Premiership side Rangers, is on a quest to lift his first major piece of silverware as a manager and has steered his team to an unbeaten start in the current campaign both in the domestic league and the Europa League.


It remains to be seen if Alexander-Arnold will play under Gerrard at some point in his career.