The Premier League arranged Tottenham’s visit to Fulham tonight at short notice and that left Scott Parker fuming about the way the game was arranged.


The Fulham boss pointed out that his squad just returned from isolation and he could have approached the FA Cup game at the weekend differently had he known what his side would do on Wednesday night.



Mourinho has hit back at Parker’s complaints and suggested that Fulham should tender an apology if they field their best team tonight after their moaning.


Agbonlahor conceded that Fulham players must be seething at the moment for the way they are being treated and stressed that they could use Mourinho’s words to further motivate themselves.



He believes the Fulham have real motivation to pull off an upset win against Tottenham and see how the Spurs boss reacts if his side get beaten.


The former striker said on talkSPORT: “If I was in their position now, I’d be fuming as a Fulham player.



“Your manager is probably getting you into meetings saying, we are going to beat them tonight because of what happened and because of Jose Mourinho’s words.


“It is going to lift your game as a player and you’d be thinking, let’s go and beat these tonight and upset Spurs.


“And then afterwards, let’s see what Jose Mourinho has got to say then.


“That would spur me on tonight.”


Parker indicated that the Premier League would not have treated his team the same way if they were one of the heavyweights of the league.