Inside Futbol (IF): Bjarne, what do you remember about your experience in England?


Bjarne Goldbaek (BG): I remember very intense football; I played at Chelsea and Fulham.


At Chelsea, I played with star players, at Fulham I had a great coach, [in Jean] Tigana.


It was an extraordinary experience. I loved playing in England.




IF: Did you feel better at Chelsea or Fulham?


BG: It is difficult to answer this.


Maybe Chelsea because the Blues were a great team.


However, at Fulham, it was like staying with your family; there was a great atmosphere at the club.





IF: Is Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola the best player you ever played with?


BG: Maybe, yes. Gianfranco was a fantastic player, he did everything he wanted with the ball.



At Chelsea there were superstars, we had very hard training sessions and with [Gianluca] Vialli as the coach, we worked a lot on tactics.


Gianluca was hungry for success, despite having won everything with Juventus he wanted to keep winning, but also, as a person he was extraordinary.


IF: What do you think about Chelsea’s new manager Thomas Tuchel?


BG: [He likes] possession, to play at high speed.


Tuchel proved to be an excellent coach, first in Germany and then in France at Paris Saint-Germain.


Probably next year, Chelsea will be ready to fight for the title.