Liverpool are languishing in tenth in the Premier League table and have lost three of their last four league games.


The club are in no mood to get rid of Jurgen Klopp but there is serious speculation over the German’s future at Anfield for the first time since he took charge of the club in 2015.



Yorke is of the view that it is too early to speculate over the German’s replacement and insisted that he should last until the end of the season to see where Liverpool end up in the league table.


He feels that the plan of Steven Gerrard replacing Klopp is not on the cards anymore, while he does not understand why Pochettino has been mentioned as an option by some.



The former striker pointed out that the Argentinian did not succeed at Paris Saint-Germain and eventually had to leave Tottenham.


Yorke exclusively told Ladbrokes Fanzone: “It’s too early to start talking about replacements because I believe you’ve got to give Klopp a chance to turn things around.



“Let him at least try and make the top four this season before you even think about who replaces him.


“I think they were planning on giving Steven Gerrard the job of replacing Klopp, I think that was always going to be the long-term plan, but that’s kind of backfired a little bit now.


“So who is the next best candidate that’s available?


“I suppose everyone always talks about Mauricio Pochettino when these big jobs come up, but I still don’t understand why his name keeps coming up.


“He went to Paris Saint-Germain where things didn’t work out, he didn’t do it at Tottenham, and now he’s without a job, so it’s a strange one for me, I have to say.


“But I’m sure his name will come into the mix.


“Then you start thinking about younger managers, someone unproven, but then the risk that comes with that… you wonder if it’s something Liverpool need.


“We can see Graham Potter is struggling with Chelsea at the moment, so maybe that’s something Liverpool should be looking at and learning from.”


There are suggestions that Klopp could walk away from the job if things do not improve by the end of the season.