Jorginho has been in England since he left Napoli to join Chelsea in 2018, where he made 213 appearances and also won the Champions League, amongst other honours.


He was regularly linked with a return to Italy during his time at Chelsea, but when he left the Blues he joined another London club in Arsenal in January last year.




The 31-year-old has a contract until the end of the season at Arsenal and he stressed that he is very much doubtful whether he will return to Italy any time soon.


He conceded that one day he would want to return to Serie A, but insisted that for the moment he is not sure about the timing as he believes he has unfinished business at Arsenal.



The midfielder told an Italy press conference: “I am very much in doubt [about a return to Italy].


“I would like to return to Italy but I don’t what’s the right time.



“I want to come back, yes, but I don’t know when as I feel I have things to do at Arsenal.”


Jorginho is a squad player at Arsenal and has made four Premier League starts for the Gunners this season.