Dan Ashworth could be prevented from working for Manchester United until 2026 after he was placed on gardening leave by Newcastle United, according to the Daily Telegraph.


Ashworth informed Newcastle that he wanted to leave on Sunday and he was immediately placed on gardening leave.


Manchester United are yet to formally contact Newcastle to discuss a deal to take him to Old Trafford.




The 52-year-old wants the move but will now have to wait for the two clubs to agree on compensation.


It has been claimed that it could be until 2026 before he could start work as sporting director at Manchester United.



According to the terms of his contract, he cannot work for a rival of Newcastle United for two years.


Newcastle want a fee north of the £20m figure to release Ashworth from his contract and allow him to leave.



Manchester United do not want to pay an extravagant fee and are prepared to remain patient in negotiations.


The Red Devils are hopeful that the need to continue to pay Ashworth during his gardening leave will eventually force Newcastle to compromise.


The Magpies are still expected to insist that Ashworth does not start work until at least the summer transfer window shuts.