Roberts is known as fervent support of Tottenham and has provided unflinching support to the club while often taking on their critics as well.


O’Hara also supports his former club, but he has not shied away from criticising Tottenham, their form or their recruitment process over the last few years.



The former midfielder has blocked Roberts on Twitter, seemingly for something he said about Tottenham while showing his unflinching support for the club.


The Spurs legend is not amused at the way he has been blocked and took a dig at O’Hara’s playing caring, indicating that he did not have the mentality to make it at Tottenham as a player.



Roberts took to Twitter and wrote: “Sad times when Jamie O’Hara blocks me because he does not agree with something I said supporting my club who he also says he supports.


“Shame he did not have the right mentality to ever make it how he should have as a player.”



It remains to be seen if any further details about why O’Hara has blocked Roberts will emerge.