Sunday, 14th August, 2011

Napoli striker Edinson Cavani has ruled out the possibility of leaving the Italian club, explaining that he wants to remain and win trophies.

Cavani was crucial to Napoli’s success last season as Water Mazzarri’s men mounted a Serie A title challenge and took a Champions League spot.

The Uruguayan striker, who tore defences in the league to shreds, was quickly linked with the likes of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Napoli though have always been keen to keep Cavani and the player himself is also willing to stay.

"I have been talking with my wife about what has happened in the last year", Cavani told El Observator.

"I have told her that for me, moving to Napoli has represented a step forward in my career.

"I am here to win, the more I play the more I want to win with this club."

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