Manchester United’s American owners have never been the most popular people amongst the fans since their highly leveraged takeover of the club in 2005, which saddled the club with massive debt.


The Glazer family further damaged their reputation by signing up for the European Super League before withdrawing on Tuesday night amidst widespread protests from fans.



With Ed Woodward resigning, there is talk of the Glazer family also considering selling the club, but Ferdinand insisted that it is not the first time the Americans are experiencing a revolt from the Manchester United fans.


He was witness to the way they rode the initial storm when they took charge of the club and insisted that being in America, they do not really care about being unpopular amongst the fans.



The former defender conceded that the ire of the Manchester United fans do not really touch the Glazer family’s day-to-day activity so they are happy to ride out another storm.


Ferdinand said on his YouTube channel: “I was there when they bought the club and it went off and the news cars were brought out to try to get them out.



“But these guys, the Glazers, they rode the storm and they are hard-nosed.


“They didn’t care, came over, upped their security at that time, they were on tour with us, security around them was massive and rightly so as the Manchester United fans were not happy and if the Man United fans could have got at them, they would have.


“But the security was beefed up that much they couldn’t get near them.


“They know the temperature of the fans around the issue of buying Man United football club and actually over the last couple of years, the temperature has gone a bit cold.


“You think they rid that storm and ‘we are past that’ but they now go and do this. It shows you that they don’t care and they can’t care.


“They probably just think that we are so far away, it doesn’t really affect our day to day life.


“Whatever decision we are going to make regarding Man United, is it really going to affect us? We don’t really go there, we don’t stay there often, we are not at the stadium on a regular basis so what’s the problem? Let’s do what we have got to do.


“That’s the way it comes across.”


It remains to be seen what kind of pressure the Glazers find themselves under especially after the departure of their trusted lieutenant in Woodward.