Steve Claridge - Beyond The Boot CampsBeyond The Boot Camps

By Steve Claridge

Steve Claridge has had more football clubs in his career than many players ever even play against. Claridge is the typical journeyman striker, but that should be a compliment. He surely must have been pretty good to have been signed by so many different managers. Claridge's first book, published in the late 90s, called "Tales From The Boot Camps" was a riveting read, and now he has moved into management and pundrity, "Beyond The Boot Camps" does not disappoint.

Beyond The Boot Camps covers Claridge's last clubs in the 2000s, then his move into management, with highly entertaining spells at Millwall and Weymouth, and finally the move to the pundit's chair. Claridge is just as opinionated as ever and determined to succeed. If he doesn't know, or hasn't met, anyone in the English game then the chances are they aren't worth knowing. Oftentimes stories from the lower leagues of professional football can be the most enjoyable, and we cannot recommend this highly enough. Enjoy the summer, relax, and take in Beyond The Boot Camps. It's a cracking read!