Friday, 20th November 2009


Mariana Kovacevic, the Serbian specialist credited by several footballers as a miracle injury healer, has reportedly gone missing according to The Daily Mail. Described as looking like “Morticia of the Addams family”, the in-demand specialist is said to be avoiding health officials who have been alerted by her treatment methods after Arsenal’s Robin van Persie revealed his plans to visit her.

With representatives of the health authority failing to find the proper registration for her supposed business, a visit to Kovacevic’s place of work revealed a lack of a nameplate, and a padlocked door – signs that the suddenly famous therapist operates in secret. The health officials are planning to return to the clinic with the presence of police officers as they attempt to understand the true nature of the Serbian’s practices.

With the likes of van Persie, Yossi Benayoun and Albert Riera said to be visiting the specialist and with reports claiming her ability to significantly lessen injury recovery time, Kovacevic has come under great scrutiny. A doctor in the same complex who similarly uses placentas in his treatment methods as well, questioned her methods, “I use placenta in my treatment of muscle injuries, too. But I don’t heal them in seven days. You have to ask what else this woman is doing to get them to recover so quickly?” The answer to the questions will rely on the efforts to find the evasive Mariana Kovacevic.



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