Monday, 28th December 2009

With rumours linking Craig Bellamy away from Manchester City, the striker has been quick to express his desire to stay with the club. Speculation was rife that the former Liverpool player was on his way out after he expressed his displeasure in the way former manager Mark Hughes was let go by the club.

"I want to stay and I am going to stay," Bellamy told The Guardian. "I am committed to that. I am committed to Man City. I have bought into the idea of where Man City is going to go and I am a huge part of where it is at this stage. I have no problem with Mancini. None at all. It’s not his problem he’s here. What happened to Mark Hughes has got nothing to do with him.”

These latest comments will come as music to the ears of City fans who have grown accustom to Bellamy’s relentless work rate and tireless performances. The 30-year-old has been in sparkling form so far this season, playing as a winger or as a forward, scoring six goals in 13 appearances.



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