Giggsy: The Biography of Ryan Giggs

By Frank Worrall

Frank Worrall, who regularly pens work for The Sunday Times, is the author in this excellent look at the career of Manchester United and Wales legend Ryan Giggs. So much can be said about Giggs that is hardly seems 288 pages is enough, but Worrall has a good go and takes the readers right through the Welshman's life, from his upbringing on a council estate to standing on top of the world, lifting the Champions League with Manchester United.

This Futbol Read is not so much a pursuit of knowledge – although there are unknown snippets even the most avid of Giggs fans will find – but more a pleasant walk down memory lane and a taking in of the very scale of Giggs' achievements. Indeed, when Sir Alex Ferguson became almost a surrogate father to the young Welshman, the Scot was determined to set him on the right path. Giggs has squeezed every ounce of talent from his body, combined it with an almost unstoppable drive, and even now, at the age of 36 holds a berth at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Giggs has done so much in the game and going on that journey once again is more than a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon.