Tuesday, 16th March 2010

David Beckham is certain to miss his chance at a historic fourth World Cup appearance for England after his surgeon, Sakari Orava, said it would take quite some time for him to recover from his ruptured Achilles tendon. The Englishman’s dream to participate in South Africa in June came to an end when he sustained the injury in a Serie A match against Chievo at the weekend.

The operation was done, it went well and it will take many months for him to recover,” Orava said on Fifa.com, before saying it was quite clear that Beckham had “no chance” of participating in the prestigious tournament in the summer.

Beckham has been given plenty of support from the AC Milan management, with vice-president Adriano Galliani even offering the 34-year-old a chance to return to the club next season.




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