Friday, 2nd April 2010

Inter coach Jose Mourinho believes that Wesley Sneijder should get more protection from officials following widespread feeling that the former Real Madrid player has been subjected to a number of heavy challenges in recent weeks.

The Portuguese boss, replying to a question about opponents targeting the Dutchman said: "All coaches cry [for protection] for their most important players. Sir Alex Ferguson calls for protection for [Wayne] Rooney, Real Madrid asked for protection for [Cristiano] Ronaldo, Barcelona call for [Lionel] Messi protection."

"We must cry a little and seek protection for this guy [Sneijder] because there are [bad challenges] for 10,12,14,15 times in a game, moments where his knee is attacked, the ankle…."

But Mourinho believes the Dutchman does not always alert the officials to the battering he is taking. "the boy is [from] a different culture, not one which likes theatre and not one which likes to cry."


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