Thursday, 8th April 2010

Considered one of the best strikers in the nineties, Roberto Baggio, was once team-mates with current Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola in Brescia. The two became good friends during their time there, and the Italian legend is unsurprised by the young tactician’s success as boss of the Catalan giants.

I’m very happy at the way things are working out for him. He’s collecting the fruits of his past efforts. He’s a fantastic guy,” Baggio said on the club’s official website. “When Guardiola joined the team (Brescia) I’d already been there for a season. We struck up a friendship straight away and we’re still good friends. I really admire everything he’s doing at Barca and I hope he keeps on winning”.

Barcelona have gone on to win a record-breaking six trophies in a single season under Guardiola, a remarkable haul for a first-year manager.


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