Tuesday, 10th August 2010

Mesut Ozil may be on the verge of moving to Barcelona this summer. With Ozil’s contract due to run out in 12 months, it appears his club Werder Bremen are keen to realise some of the value of their German World Cup star, rather than see him walk to the Camp Nou for free next year.

El Pais report that Barcelona have reached an agreement with Werder Bremen for around €10M and a four-year deal has been offered to Ozil. This would represent a profit on the €4.25M Werder paid Schalke for his services in 2008, but only a fraction of what they could have achieved were Ozil locked in to a longer term deal.

For Barcelona the move would represent a real step away from Cesc Fabregas who they had hoped to recruit from Arsenal. Indeed, Ozil’s presence at the Camp Nou would even seem to make a move for Fabregas next summer less likely.



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