More Knowledge by James DartMore Knowledge

By James Dart


Ever wondered which club's supporters scoff down the largest amount of pies or why Italy have always played in a blue shirt? In the second edition of James Dart's compilation of the trickiest and often most bizarre football questions, you might find out just that, as the deputy sport editor of has put together the best of his weekly column, in which his "dedicated battalion of sleuths" sift through long forgotten archives in search of the almighty football truth.

If you ever fancied impressing your mates in the pub with your knowledge of the beautiful game, but have always been too lazy to put in the hard work yourself, this book clearly is a must-have and just the right one for you. Ideal to imbibe during a ten-minute break, on the train or even during adverts at half-time, Dart's new book with its easily digestable chunks is perfect for a quick read and lets you delve into the fascinating world of forgotten facts and football trivia for as long as you like.

Who would have thought that Manchester City legend David White, who found the back of the net 79 times for his club in the 1980s, had to top up his football salary with a part-time job at a waste disposal company, which he now manages? Or that darts player Tony "Silverback" O'Shea – after reaching the BDO Darts Championship final in 2009 – did his home town so proud, that Stockport County decided to reserve their no.180 shirt just for him?

No question is too awkward, no area remains untouched. And so the book's detectives shed light on the political situation surrounding Israel's puzzling affiliation to UEFA, confirm the astounding story about Harry Redknapp who, when West Ham United boss, sent a rude spectator nicknamed "Tittyshev" onto the pitch in 1998 and explain why Derby County – despite their name – haven't taken part in a proper derby for over 115 years.

Needless to say, "More Knowledge" is a fabulous, light-hearted read that sometimes turns trivial questions into some real eye-openers and gives the reader a fun packed insight into the world of football that's often neglected by today's media. Just in time for the new season, the book is available at Amazon and on the Guardian website. Light reading at its best, there may not be a better book for the match-going fan to stuff in their pocket on the way to the game.

Reviewed by Jon Karlsson