Tuesday, 7th September 2010

Liverpool boss Roy Hodgson has spoken of the club’s need for new owners and fears his job is one of damage limitation until they arrive. Hodgson, who was brought in from Fulham in the summer, also bemoaned the fact that at present there is such much confusion surrounding the club’s situation.

"The club is up for sale and nobody knows what direction it will take if and when new owners are found", said Hodgson. 

"A few years ago when the situation was far more stable, the money to buy new players was available. I hope the situation will change when the club is eventually sold and owners who are prepared to invest in the club come in."

The Liverpool chief went on to describe his current job as "really to hang on to the players we’ve got and make certain we don’t have a situation where we have a total rebuilding process."

Hodgson will be well aware that Liverpool have made a substantial profit in their transfer dealings since the beginning of the year and, in the face of challenges from Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, top four finishes are difficult with a limited outlay.




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