Saturday, 18th September 2010

Dutch international Khalid Boulahrouz has critised the amount of football matches today’s players are expected to play.

The 28-year-old defender who has been with Bundesliga side Stuttgart since 2008, expressed his shock after receiving news that Ajax midfielder Evander Sno had suffered a heart attack during a reserve match against Vitesse Arnhem.

"The match schedule is just crazy (…). The players’ health is no longer important.", believes the former Chelsea defender. "Football players are no wimps, but they aren’t robots either. There are more and more incidents on the pitch and every life that’s been lost is one too many."

With Stuttgart taking part in the Europa League and Bundesliga matches scheduled only hours after, Boulahrouz who experienced a similar incident three years ago when 22-year-old Sevilla team-mate Antonia Puerta died from cardiac arrest, is adamant that changes to the scheduling of games are desperately needed.



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