Friday, 24th September 2010

Jose Mourinho has added to the pressure on Inter coach Rafael Benitez by dangling the carrot of his return in front of the Nerazzurri faithful. The Portuguese, who quit the San Siro to head to Real Madrid in the summer, believes that a return to Inter is something that should not be ruled out.

Mourinho also enjoys a good relationship with Inter president Massimo Moratti, who has showered the Portuguese with praise of late, and explained that the decision to leave Italy was nothing professional, but merely a lifestyle choice.

"His words are those of a friend who loves me and is aware what I want", said Mourinho. "For me, it was a lifestyle choice. Inter have given me everything."

The Real Madrid boss then went on to say he simply could not rule out a return to the Nerazzurri one day.

"A return? One day I could go back, do not rule it out, but for all I always want what is best."


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