Friday, 22nd October 2010

Blackpool boss Ian Holloway has had a bizarre rant at Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney and the game’s governing body, comparing players to cars and houses. 

"If I bought a car from a garage", said Holloway, comparing the object to Rooney, "I wouldn’t expect that garage to be able to come and take that car back off my drive for nothing, because I have ownership, I have proof of ownership. Just because you’re 24, what has that got to do with it? That’s ludicrous."

The Tangerines manager continued to back Sir Alex Ferguson, going on to compare Rooney to a house that has been bought and then slamming the people in charge of the game for having a rule where, when a player over 24 completes their contract, they are free to leave if they decide to do that."

"The game is wrong, the people in charge of the game are wrong. I’m not calling them names, I’m just telling them they’re wrong. They are so wrong it is frightening. If Alex Ferguson is being bullied by a player then how wrong is the game? And when are you going to listen to the people involved in the game?."

Holloway also claimed that because Rooney had been bought by Manchester United, "he belongs to them", adding, "you buy a house, you own the deeds, if you’re lucky enough to do that, and it’s yours. What if 24 years you had [your house] for, and then it can just toddle off and do what it likes!". An Angry looking Blackpool manager continued: "It’s not right is it! It is so obvious, it is so obvious, it is so wrong."



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