Saturday, 6th November 2010

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has revealed that he could see himself as Roma coach one day in the future. While the Italian is enjoying life in London and leading The Blues to a near faultless campaign in the Premier League, he confirmed that he does not see himself in England until the end of his coaching days.

"If you ask me, Chelsea will renew the contract", said Ancelotti to Studio Sport XXL, "but I will not stop in England all my life."

Ancelotti, who previously coached AC Milan, who he also played for, turned out for Roma as a player between 1979 and 1987 and added that: "Roma is in my dreams."

While there is no suggestion any departure for Ancelotti from Chelsea is imminent, it seems clear that when his time in England is done, preferably with a Champions League having been won for The Blues, the Italian would be open to Roma’s advances when he returns home.



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