Wednesday, 10th November 2010

Manchester United legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been appointed as the new coach of Norwegian side Molde FK. The former striker had been working at United with the club’s reserves, but clearly feels now is the right time to make a start to his own managerial career proper.

"I’m going home to be with a team that will develop the club", said Solskjaer. "Molde FK has throughout history seen an influx of young players who have shaped Molde FK and Norwegian football. We will continue to focus on this."

Solskjaer arrives in Norway with two new coaches, both of whom have experience at Manchester United. Mark Dempsey has been appointed first team coach, while Richard Harris is goalkeeping coach.

The 37-year-old has signed a contract which starts on 10th January, 2011, and won backing from Ferguson.

"Ole has had a good introduction to his managerial career. I believe that with his amazing football career, he has a good basis to go into coaching, and this is the right time for Ole to take his first job as a manager."



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