Monday, 13th December 2010

Amidst Carlos Tevez stating he will leave Manchester City despite having a written transfer request turned down, it has emerged that the Argentina striker is on £286,000 per week, after tax, making him the highest paid player at the club and possibly the highest paid in world football.

Tevez has been quoted as insisting that his relationship with "certain executives" at Eastlands has "broken down beyond repair", and the former Manchester United forward admitted that "it is something I have felt for some time and have spent many hours thinking it through." The City man did stress though that he has "no personal issue" with manager Roberto Mancini.

In amongst all this news, Rodney Marsh, who played for City between 1972 and 1975, and retains excellent contacts close to the club, has revealed that he has been told Tevez is paid £286,000 per week, after tax. It had been assumed that Yaya Toure, signed from Barcelona this summer, was the club’s highest paid player on £200,000 per week, but Tevez has been revealed to out-earn even the Ivory Coast man.


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