Wednesday, 16th February 2011 

Barcelona boss Josep Guardiola has admitted ahead of the club’s Champions League meeting with Arsenal tonight that he would have preferred to be playing someone else. The Catalan coach explained that the two teams are similar and know each other well from last year’s battle, so much so that a different opponent would have been better.

"Both want to dominate the play the ball and suffer without it", said Guardiola. "We’re stronger attacking than defending."

And Guardiola explained that it would have been better had Barcelona been facing someone else.

"I’d rather play against teams who do not want the ball. I love watching Arsenal, but I did not like to face them a year ago. The thing is though, we know how we play with Arsenal, too."

The battle is set to be one of titanic proportions with both sides committed to attacking, pass and move football. For Arsenal, the duel is a test to see what progress they have made over the last year, while for Barcelona, the challenge is continuing to prove they are the most supremely talented side in world football.


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