Sunday, 20th February 2011 

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has slammed UEFA’s ticket prices for the Champions League final. The cheapest ticket on general sale for the final, due to be played at Wembley, will be an astonishing £150 plus an administration fee of £26. This means that no neutral fan can attend the game for less than £176.

For fans of the clubs involved in the final, the cheapest ticket will still be £80, but there will be a limited number of these seats. Given that UEFA President Michel Platini was quoted as arguing that moving the Champions League final from a Wednesday night to a Saturday night would encourage more children to watch the event, the Frenchman must surely have not meant at the ground itself.

"It’s a killer and a corporate deal that", said Ferguson when asked what he thought. "Managers and players can’t do anything about it. I don’t know what you can do."

UEFA stated that they "don’t think the Champions League final is overpriced.

"We do not want to squeeze every single penny out of the market", said director of competitions Giorgio Marchetti.

However, is it likely the wider public will feel the prices are extortionate and yet another example of football losing touch with reality.


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