Wednesday, 27th July, 2011

Barcelona midfielder Xavi believes the arrival of Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal is an essential piece of the puzzle to keep the Catalans on top of the European game.

Schooled in the ways of the Blaugrana before joining Arsenal, Fabregas has long been coveted at the Camp Nou, with a feeling that buying the midfielder from the Gunners would be to bring him back to his spiritual home.

And for Xavi, Fabregas’ signing would also be an important step towards ensuring continuity at the Camp Nou, as the 24-year-old is considered Xavi’s eventual successor in the middle of the park.

"I hope this saga ends", said Xavi about the chase for Fabregas which appears to unfold every summer.

"It’s like a piece of the puzzle, you just slot him in.

"Cesc has just turned 24 and his arrival would ensure that the current cycle of Barca continues.

"I am 31 years old, and I will retire in two, three or four years."

Barcelona are set to make a big effort this week to grant Xavi his wish, with the Catalans negotiating hard with Arsenal to close a deal for Fabregas by Friday.

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