Saturday, 12th January, 2013

Rangers manager Ally McCoist admits he would settle for the club playing their football in the top tier of the Scottish game, as the debate over the Gers and Celtic leaving for another league continues.

The chief executive of Rangers, Charles Green, has indicated that the Ibrox club will explore alternatives to playing in Scotland, following real dismay with proposals to restructure the game in the country, which would leave Rangers in the bottom tier, albeit with an expanded 18 teams.

McCoist too is less than happy with the proposals, but he would be pleased just to play in Scotland’s top tier, rather than leave the country altogether, for the likes of an ‘Atlantic League’ containing sides from Belgium, Holland, Portugal and Denmark.

"There has been a lot of information coming out in the last week or so but all we want to do is get back to the top league in this country", McCoist was quoted as saying by the BBC.


"Charles is doing his job in the respect that he’s exploring avenues for other leagues. I can totally understand his dislike for the potential new set-up.

"If it goes ahead, I would imagine the biggest sufferers again, in my opinion, would be the Rangers supporters.

"I know Rangers and Celtic have explored avenues to play in different leagues and I would think they would continue to do that.

"But where I’m sitting at the moment, I’d settle for the top league in Scotland."

Rangers are currently running away with the Scottish Third Division, having picked up 46 points from just 19 games.

The Gers boast a 17-point lead over second-placed Queens Park.

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