Thursday, 17th January, 2013

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has admitted diving this season against Stoke City in the Premier League.

Suarez went to ground against the Potters, falling in a theatric fashion inside the penalty box. No penalty was given and Stoke boss Tony Pulis slammed the Uruguayan, labelling his actions as embarrassing.

Now Suarez, speaking to Fox Sports Argentina, has come clean and conceded that the incident was a dive, as he looked to win an advantage for his team.

The Liverpool striker said: "Football is like that. Sometimes you do things on the pitch that later you think ‘why the hell did I do that?’ I was accused of falling inside the box in a match, and it is true I did it that time, because we were drawing against Stoke at home and we needed anything to win it."


And the Uruguayan admits that after the incident he quickly appreciated why there was such a fuss made, simply because his name sells newspapers.

"But after that everybody jumped out to talk – the Stoke coach, and the Everton coach. I understood the name Suarez sells."

The Liverpool striker does not appear to have been put off the English Premier League by the microscope which has been placed on his performances however, with Suarez signing a new contract at Anfield earlier this season.

Suarez has continued to be at the centre of much controversy though, with the latest episode seeing him accused of deliberate handball against Mansfield in Liverpool’s FA Cup win over the non-league minnows.

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