Wednesday, 20th November, 2013

Leicester City may find themselves in second of the Championship table at the moment, but goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel believes his side should not bank on their promotion just yet.

The Foxes have slowly but surely played their way into second after fifteen games, earning a total points haul of 32, just two points shy of leaders Burnley.


And while fans could not be blamed for getting into a celebratory mood, Schmeichel believes the race to Premier League promotion is far from over.

"This is the best start the club has had in its 129-year career and its quite an amazing run", Schmeichel told Bold.


"Still we know that there is still a long, long way to go. We have no illusions that the Championship will be an easy league to play in from here on out", the keeper added.

The Danish custodian also believes their experience from last season will be key as they strive to finally secure promotion in the current campaign.

"We have a little more experience than last season and we've got good players here and there. I would say that we have an equally good chance of being promoted as all the other teams in the top eight at the moment", Schmeichel concluded.

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