Being a footballer is the greatest job in the world. The cars, the money, the girls and the fact you get to walk out in front of thousands every week and play the beautiful game. But with that comes a lot of downtime, and the pressure of millions of fans expecting can be tough. Which means only one thing… Get a hobby! For many footballers that comes on the golf course. It is perhaps the sport’s favourite pastime, but for some others, well, they do things a little differently…

Clint Dempsey

Clint Dempsey is no ordinary footballer. Clint Dempsey can rap.

The former Fulham forward goes by the name Deuce, which is just as well because that is exactly what he dropped when he released Don’t Tread with XO and late Houston rapper Big Hawk.

The 31-year-old is never one to shy away from a tackle, and he has no qualms in busting out some lyrics freestyle for the TV cameras either. But it would be nice if you could just stick to scoring goals from now on please, Clint?


Less rap star, more boyband lookalike, Neymar is also not one to shy away from the mic, but his new venture seems to lie on the green velvet. Since the Brazilian poster boy suffered a back injury in his nation’s crucial match against Colombia, he has been playing poker with friends. We suppose it is one tournament he can win since didn't win the summer’s big one, and he joins a host of stars including Teddy Sheringham, Gerard Pique and fellow countryman Ronaldo.

Jody Craddock

There was nothing graceful about Jody Craddock during his spell in the Premier League, but off the field his stroke play is much finer, and he is making way in the art world.

The former Wolves man focuses heavily on the sport that made him, whilst he has also delved deeper into his personal life with portraits of his son Jake, who tragically died of cot death syndrome in 2002. His work has been highly praised in the art and football world alike, and with most of his sales going to charity, it is a great cause too.

Dion Dublin

Another musical footballer is Dion Dublin, except the former Coventry striker doesn’t just play any instrument; he plays the Dube – his own invention.

The unique percussion instrument basically looks like a big box, but each side makes a different sound enabling you to create quite a beat. Lethal in the box on the pitch, lethal on the box off it it seems.

Daniel Agger

If Dan Agger has got a tattoo machine in his hand, make a break for it. The ink-ridden centre half not only loves scribing his own body with art,but he is quite the tattooist himself. The 29-year-old Dane even volunteered to tat his entire team if Liverpool won the Premier League title back in 2009. We think even Steven Gerrard was glad to miss out on that one, and it could have been the incentive behind his ‘slip’ this time round.