Moore has led the Owls to three successive draws in the league and they have won only once in their last five games, leading to criticism.


The Owls manager has chopped and changed, while also insisting that his squad need time to adapt and are struggling with injuries.



Some fans are increasingly concerned and Harry thinks that Moore does not have any inkling regarding solutions for the Owls’ poor run of form and he says what pops up into his head.


Haddington finds cause for worry in Moore’ press conferences as, in their opinion, he gives off the whiff of not knowing what to do with his squad.



Sean heaped pressure on Moore ahead of the game and feels anything less than three points would be an embarrassment.


Crag thinks that Moore must be out of his mind to place Marvin Johnson in the centre-back position, while Dino asks why the Owls manager is intent on making January signings when does not use the players he has at his disposal now efficiently.


Oliver however thinks that the Owls fanbase should not be making fun of Moore’s way of speaking and thinks that the sort of behaviour they are displaying deserves failure.