Coventry is among the most highly rated prospects in West Ham’s youth set-up and he had stellar pre-season run with Moyes’ first team.


The 21-year-old left the London Stadium on a season-long loan in the summer to join Championship side Peterborough, but had the opportunity to extensively work with Moyes before he left the capital.



Coventry has revealed that Moyes did not go easy on him during training and they worked a lot on improving his skills to make killer passes on the pitch.


However, Coventry stressed that he is happy Moyes pushed him on the training pitch because that means he cares about him.



“We [me and Moyes] spoke a lot about when’s the right time to do killer passes”, Coventry told The Athletic.


“He said to me there’s times when I’m trying to do it too much.



“Maybe he was right because I was trying to over impress at times.


“He wasn’t easy on me, if he felt I could have done something better he would tell me.


“He says it himself, ‘If I don’t shout at you then I’ve lost the will to really help you’.


“If him shouting at me means he cares and wants to help, then I’m happy with that.”


Coventry has played a part in ten Championship games for the Posh so far this season, and will be hoping he can consistently clock up first team minutes as he looks to take his game to the next level.