While the current rules of the game in the Premier League only allows three normal substitutions for each side, debate has been going on over whether the number of changes available should be increased to five.


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola are among the names that have called for five substitutions to be introduced, while the counter argument is that if allowed, it would give unfair advantage to big clubs that have great strength in depth, over teams with relatively smaller squads.



However, Aston Villa assistant manager Beale is of the view that as much as having five substitutions could be a big positive for some clubs, it could also mean the opposite as more number of players from the bench on the pitch can also disrupt a team’s performance.


“[Manchester] City not choosing to use subs shows trust in starters and in the plan – the debate on “5 subs” and unfair advantage fails to understand you can ruin or disrupt a performance as much as you can improve one with subs”, Beale wrote on Twitter.



“In my opinion, it’s not simple as 5 subs equals advantage, can equally mean the opposite.”


Beale explained that having an option to change almost half of a team’s starting eleven will increase the possibility of a coach making a mistake.



“Obviously there are many reasons for using subs – tactical, score, injury, fatigue, moment of game, performance level, having 5 gives greater flexibility or options for a coach – but changing 50 per cent of your outfield team also provides lots of opportunity for coaches to get things wrong.”


However, Beale added that on an entertainment level having five substitutions is good for the fans as more fresh legs on the pitch means a team can maintain their speed and energy towards the back end of a game, which will bring more excitement.


“Purely on an entertainment level, the 5 subs is a good thing for fans… the game could feature more players and maintain speed and energy at times and the changes made can also swing a games momentum or style which for fans could bring greater excitement.


“Just my opinion!”