Following several seasons of misery battling relegation, West Ham are now challenging for a Champions League spot in the Premier League this season, while also having a superb continental campaign in the Europa League.


Striker Antonio has been one of West Ham’s key players under Moyes, with the boss putting his complete trust in him as they continue to lack alternative options in that position.



Antonio revealed that during Moyes’ first stint at West Ham, they had a falling out, but stressed they moved on as he is the type of manager that will easily forget such situations.


“When he came the first time, there was a bit of a fall-out between me and him”, Antonio told the Evening Standard.



“We moved on from that quite quickly and finished the season quite well.


“One thing with the gaffer is that even if you’ve had a falling-out, he will easily forget.



“You can go in and have a full-on row with each other, but from that row we both respect each other as player and manager.”


Antonio added that Moyes has been successful in creating a very demanding environment in the first team set-up, with the players, support staff and the boss all holding each other to high standards.


“There are definitely some voices being raised and digging people out.


“Scary? Yeah. It is needed.


“People need to be lifted and know if they’re not doing well.


“That is one thing we get from him and from player to player.


“Everyone demands the best from each other; the coaching staff and players, we all demand it and we will keep pushing each other.”


Fans will be hoping Antonio can keep providing the fireworks up front in the business end of the season with Champions League football and a European trophy up for grabs.