Harper, who will be ineligible for Saturday’s fixture against his parent club Ipswich, has been an important member of the Crewe side ever since his move in January.


He has managed 13 appearances for the already-relegated outfit thus far and his Ipswich manager is satisfied with the exposure his young player has got, which he feels will stand him in good stead for the future.



The manager insists that he and his staff have been monitoring all the games Harper has been playing, with the club’s head of analysis Charlie Turnbull and assistant manager Martyn Pert keeping in touch with the player himself.


“I’ve seen all of his games back and all of his clips, as have all of the staff”, McKenna told his club’s official site.



“We’ve been keeping a close eye but Charlie [Turnbull, Head of Analysis] and Martyn [Pert, Assistant Manager] have been in contact with him on a regular basis to make sure that he’s doing ok.


“He’s got some games and good exposure.


“He’s got some good minutes and that will benefit him in terms of giving him more understanding of the league and more understanding of his game so he can keep developing.


“I hope that will be beneficial for him.



“I’m sure we’ll have a good chance to catch up with him on Saturday and next week as well.


“We’ll have a chat about his pathway, his process and how I’ve seen it.


“I certainly want to get his thoughts on how he felt the games have gone at Crewe and I’ll share mine, too.”


Ipswich opponents at the weekend Crewe won their last home game, beating AFC Wimbledon.