Torreira joined Fiorentina on loan last summer with the Italian club securing an option to buy for a fee of €15m.


The midfielder was paid €1.8m per year by Fiorentina, their contribution to his Arsenal pay packet, and his agent worked out a deal that would see him earning €2.75m net once he joined the club on a permanent deal.



It emerged over the weekend that Torreira is set to return to Arsenal as Fiorentina are not prepared to pay the €15m fee needed.


But according to Italian broadcaster Sky Italia, the real bone of contention is over the wages the midfielder would be entitled to.



There was more contact between the parties on Monday but the midfielder is clear about not reducing his wages.


His agent wants Fiorentina to honour the agreement they signed off on last year without trying to renegotiate the personal terms.



The midfielder’s representative is also not ready to reduce his commission, between 5 per cent and 10 per cent of the transfer fee, if the Uruguayan completes the move.


Fiorentina do not even have to pay the loan fee of €1.5m as the midfielder made more than 25 appearances.


His agent also worked out a favourable deal between the two clubs that would see Fiorentina pay the transfer fee over six equal instalments of €2.5m.