Rolls, formerly a physiotherapist, has a Premier League title, three FA Cups and an EFL Cup on his CV from his time at Chelsea, Watford, West Ham, Arsenal and Bristol City.


The 48-year-old took the time to reflect on his long journey in football and on some of the duties accompanying his present position.



Rolls confirmed that he has two or three main roles, the first of which involves making manager McKenna’s life easier and the second is making sure the different divisions concerned with performance run as smoothly as possible.


I’ve got two or three roles really. One, to take away as much rubbish from Kieran as I can”, Rolls told the East Anglian Daily Times.



When are we travelling? What are we doing that day? When are we having a day off? I present to him, he can yes or no to it, we have a discussion and come up with a plan.


My other area is to make sure that the medical, sports science and psychology side of performance runs as smoothly as possible. We’ve had a little reshuffle of staff on that side of things this summer.”



The third role that Rolls has to fulfil is to serve as the middle man between chief executive officer Mark Ashton and the manager, especially when it comes to entertaining requests for better pitches and/or new technology.


My other area is the link between the training ground and the stadium”, he added.


I’ve got a relationship with Mark Ashton at Portman Road, a relationship with Kieran here [at Playford Road] and I can link the two.


Kieran might come to me with some requests for better pitches or technology then I look into that and present to Mark.


Luke Werhun (chief operating officer) might get involved too. It depends what it is.”


The Tractor Boys finished the 2021/22 season in eleventh place in League One and will be hoping for a return to the Championship under McKenna’s guidance.