Manchester City have won four out of five Premier League titles in recent years while Liverpool have contested three out of the last five Champions League finals.


Both teams have recruited big names in the ongoing transfer window to strengthen their title hopes for the upcoming season.



Some feel that Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham could challenge the pair, but ex-Gunners defender Sagna does not share that view.


Sagna stressed that Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal are going through a phase of rebuilding and insists it will take some time before they are in a position to compete for the highest honours.



“I believe it’s going to be difficult for Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal to compete with Man City and Liverpool for the title”, Sagna told Lord Ping.


“These two clubs have been running the show for many years and both of them continue to add world-class players to their squads.



“Teams like Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal are in the process of rebuilding, which takes time.


“They will get better but I don’t think that any of them are ready to compete with Manchester City or Liverpool this season.”


Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal all finished over 15 points behind champions Manchester City last season and it remains to be seen if any of the trio can close the gap in the coming campaign.